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Whether you use Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera or any other web browser, here's how to hide your bookmarks and make long internet addresses shorter and easier to e-mail around!

You can also password-protect your bookmarks to prevent unauthorised access to your links.
People will never know what hides behind your encrypted, hidden favorites!

Step 1 Type in the URL to convert
Step 2 Password-protect access to it:
  Step 3
Repeat password:
Bookmark this site: http://www.hidelinks.com/

This is a nifty little webpage that allows you to shorten and garble your URLs (web addresses) before bookmarking them
while at the same time, password-protecting them so that only you can access them.

For example, www.monster.com becomes http://www.HideLinks.com/?qnftngqxll

To access the actual page behind this garbled URL, you�ll need to know the password ("monster" in this case).
Great for office use where your personal bookmarks could end up getting accessed by people you don�t want to! ;-)

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